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Misconceptions About Senior Living

By |February 2, 2021|0 Comments

How should you retire?  You have many options….one you may have dismissed because of some misconceptions. That option is senior living–more specifically, independent living.  You might be thinking, hang on. I’m not ready. I don’t [...]

  • Vaccine-WhatHappensNow.

I Got the Vaccine, What Happens Now?

By |January 27, 2021|0 Comments

The COVID-19 vaccination will help protect you from getting COVID-19. Here are some specific directions from the CDC for everyone following receiving a vaccination, especially important regarding a COVID vaccine for seniors. Side effects   You [...]

The COVID vaccine: who is eligible?

By |January 11, 2021|0 Comments

News of approved vaccines for COVID-19 has been received with relief and anticipation by all age groups, especially older adults. Questions about its distribution abound. The CDC has provided recommendations based on the counsel of [...]

Gables Senior Living COVID-19 Updates

By |December 18, 2020|0 Comments

Last updated: 1/4/2021 The Gables of Brighton has implemented policies in compliance with CDC recommendations and the Monroe County Health Department. We encourage social distance at least 6 feet apart, universal masking worn correctly, frequent [...]

Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Move

By |November 9, 2020|0 Comments

It can be hard to know when to start considering a move to a senior living community. Many people find the thought of leaving their home painful, while others simply wonder what the advantages of [...]