It can be hard to know when to start considering a move to a senior living community. Many people find the thought of leaving their home painful, while others simply wonder what the advantages of moving would be. If you’re contemplating senior living in Rochester, New York, here are some benefits that could make a difference for you.  

You can get what you want. 

By selecting a Rochester, New York senior living community such as The Gables of Brighton while you are still healthy and independent, you can choose the place that fits your needs and lifestyle the best. You’re in control of your decision. The longer you wait, the less selection you will have.   

You’ll wish you had done it sooner.

One comment that is heard often from retirement community residents is “I wish we had made this move sooner.” That’s because before moving into a full-service community, you might not realize just how much peace of mind and ease of life you’ll be enjoying. Selecting the right senior living in Rochester, New York, can give that to you. 

Someone else changes the light bulbs.

Being self-sufficient is great, but as we age, even the simplest tasks can pose a challenge or at worst, a true safety hazard. Why climb up a ladder and change a light bulb if you can just call the front desk and have a cheerful maintenance person appear at your door in minutes? Carefree senior living at Rochester’s The Gables of Brighton takes the burdens of home upkeep and repairs off your shoulders.  

Friends are always close by.  

Often times when we’ve lived in a neighborhood or building for years, our neighbors move away and we can end up isolated. Loneliness is not only a depressing state, it can be harmful to your physical, emotional and mental health. When you visit senior living communities in Rochester, NY, you’ll see residents enjoying one another’s company in activities, events, outings, and at mealtime. 

Better nutrition means better health.

Speaking of mealtime, dining alone or eating the same old thing every evening can really take its toll on your mood, not to mention your overall health. Rochester, NY senior living such as The Gables of Brighton offers residents delicious and nutritious dining prepared by a professional chef. Surrounded by friends in the grand dining room, you’ll look forward to mealtimes again.

Your social life will improve. 

You may have lots of friends now, but how often do you get to see them?  Living in a senior living community such as The Gables of Brighton gives you a myriad of ways to mingle and make friends. Sharing memories with like-minded people is a wonderful way to forge new relationships. As you think about Rochester, NY senior living, look for a community with lifelong learning opportunities, frequent outings, birthday celebrations and special events, and more. You’ll find all that and more at The Gables of Brighton.

No more shoveling snow or raking leaves.

Imagine enjoying winter instead of dreading icy sidewalks, snowdrifts, falling leaves and even high heating bills. Move into a community for older adults and let your worries go—the maintenance staff will take care of it all, and you won’t have to lift a finger. Why endure one more back-breaking season? The Gables of Brighton is the Rochester, NY senior living community that might just be the perfect choice for you.  

Get the Most from Retirement at Gables of Brighton

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