At The Gables of Brighton, we’re constantly thinking about the importance of living an active life for seniors, and ways to keep their lifestyle healthy and active. Of course, being active helps seniors in a variety of ways, from preventing depression, improving memory, and strengthening social relationships. And while some benefits to staying active are obvious, others may surprise you. 

Staying active to improve mood 

If you’ve ever experienced what’s called a “runner’s high,” then you probably know how exercise can positively affect our disposition and mood. Staying active through exercise can help reduce symptoms associated with depression by releasing endorphins — the body’s mood booster. Consider trying regular exercise not only for its physical benefits but as an outlet to feel more fit, energetic, and enthusiastic.  The Gables of Brighton has very engaging exercise programs offering 1) group fitness classes; 2) a well-equipped fitness center; and outdoor walking paths.

Staying active as a social activity 

Exercising can also be an opportunity to socialize.  For instance, aerobics classes can provide a chance to connect with like-minded seniors while gaining the benefits of aerobic exercise.  Walking with friends and new acquaintances provides the chance to be active while getting the latest social news.  Many of the residents at The Gables participate in daily morning nature walk around the pond where they have made new friends and long-lasting relationships which they continue over lunch.  

Staying active improves mobility and strength

The Gables’ group fitness classes offer a wide variety of exercises focusing on improving mobility and strength.  All of our residents are welcome to engage in an activity, and there is an activity in which everyone can participate and enjoy.  All levels of abilities are accommodated and can benefit from the programs that we provide.  Just taking a short walk every day can provide plenty of healthy benefits. 

Staying active boosts mental capacity 

Staying active has been proven to be directly linked to a slower rate of mental decline. When we’re physically active, our brain, along with the rest of our body, receives increased blood flow, and the release of mood hormones contributes to an improved sense of well-being.  Being physically active on a regular basis also promotes improved cognitive function and better mental health

Staying active improves healing

It has been proven that adults who stay active have a 25% faster healing process compared to those who don’t get exercise.  In a 2005 study on exercise’s effect on wound healing published in The Journals of Gerontology, it was found that older adults experienced significant improvements in cardiorespiratory fitness, wound healing occurred at a significantly faster rate, and an increase in production of the body’s inflammation-fighting hormone cortisol.  These are just a few of the many advantages to staying active as we age. 

Gables of Brighton is one of the premier communities when it comes to providing a range of physical activities for seniors of all ages.