Around one million older adults live in senior living communities in the United States today, and this number is expected to double by the year 2030. As our population ages, many of our seniors are taking advantage of the various options available to them, such as the carefree lifestyle independent living communities offer. Independent living communities like The Gables of Brighton offer a wide variety of amenities and offerings that allow individuals to be themselves in a comfortable and thriving environment.


Senior living communities provide the benefit of having meals prepared daily by professional staff. The Gables of Brighton’s team of decorated chefs prepare nutritious, balanced meals for our residents daily. Menus are designed with the residents’ tastes, requests, and suggestions in mind.  This not only gives the independent living residents consistency but also removes the task of having to do grocery shopping and cooking from their day, allowing them more time to pursue the activities they truly enjoy.


Studies have found that a connection to friends and family can enhance the quality of life of older adults. Independent living communities provide the freedom and opportunities to create new connections while still keeping close to family and friends. At The Gables of Brighton, we recognize the importance of staying connected to the greater Brighton and Rochester, New York communities. Volunteerism, group outings, and faith-based programs happening on and off The Gables of Brighton campus keep residents connected to the communities they know and love.


Come and go as you please! Many communities offer complimentary parking but may not provide transportation. Living in upstate New York is a gamble during some parts of the year when it comes to weather and traffic. Residents can decide to use The Gables-provided transportation for appointments, doctor visits, shopping, etc. The convenience of having transportation included as a part of living at The Gables saves our residents time and money, and means never having to search for a parking spot! The Gables also provides ample, complimentary parking for your vehicle should you decide to keep one.

Activities, Events, and Outings

Senior living communities can provide residents with a wide range of activities in which they can form new friendships, maintain connections, and discover new interests. The Gables of Brighton takes the everyday interests of our residents and kicks them up a notch! Our programs are designed with the residents’ interests in mind, but The Gables also offers them new and different experiences that promote lifelong learning. The variety of music programs, lectures, and hands-on creations continuously captivate our residents. Our frequent outings are designed to help our residents stay connected with friends, family members, and the Brighton and Rochester communities at large.

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