How should you retire?  You have many options….one you may have dismissed because of some misconceptions. That option is senior living–more specifically, independent living.  You might be thinking, hang on. I’m not ready. I don’t want to be restricted in my activities. But that’s just one of the many senior living misconceptions.  

You’re ready for new adventures and new possibilities, which is why independent living is such a great option:  it’s designed for active adults who want to enjoy life, free of the burdens of daily chores and responsibilities.

Still wary?  Take a look at some of the common senior living misconceptions:

  • Independent senior living will be too expensive.  

Many people assume once they’ve paid their mortgage, staying in their home is the most cost-efficient choice. But don’t forget there are still a number of monthly costs, such as utilities, repairs, lawn maintenance, pest control, insurance, taxes and more. When you add these, you see the price of staying in your old house isn’t as low as you may think. Plus, if you one day require in-home services or health care, the costs go even higher. So while one of the most popular senior living misconceptions is that senior living is too pricey, the truth is it can favorably compare to the cost of staying in your own home as you age. 

  • I will be sad and depressed.

You won’t have time to be either!  Today’s independent living communities are vibrant, engaging and lively—and residents are as busy as they choose to be. You’ll enjoy a carefree lifestyle that frees you from all the worries of home maintenance and opens the door to a world of opportunities. Lifelong learning, dynamic wellness, better nutrition, events and activities, companionship…it’s all at your fingertips.  

  • Independent living means you lose your independence.

Losing independence is one of the major fears of people 65 and older. But moving into a senior living community does just the opposite:  it actually frees up time for you to live each day as you choose. The Gables of Brighton supports a lifestyle based around your needs, encouraging longevity and independence in a thriving environment.   Come and go as you please and enjoy all the amenities and services available to you, or relax in the privacy of your residence. It’s your choice. 

Perhaps loss of independence is one of the biggest senior living misconceptions because many people confuse the various options of senior living. Assisted living offers a higher level of attention for those who need it and often provides 24-hour caregivers on-site. Independent living, however, allows active adults the freedom to choose how many services they wish to enjoy and how independent they want to be.   

  • There won’t be anything to do.

Say this to a current resident of an independent senior living community and they will probably tell you this is the most unfounded of all senior living misconceptions. There is usually a packed activities calendar with classes, fitness groups, games, movies, parties, special events, cooking demonstrations, spiritual opportunities, book clubs, field trips and on and on. Not having to worry about chores tends to free up your time for better things. With more time for socializing and exercising, people who move to independent living have far more opportunities to stay busy, active and social.

  • I’m too young to move to senior living.

Are you too young for more freedom to do the things you love?  Are you too young to make new friends, have more adventures, learn new hobbies and laugh more than ever?  Free yourself from home repairs, cooking, housekeeping and everyday worries—and do it while you’re still active and engaged and able to enjoy it all. Today’s senior living communities are specially designed for active older adults who want a full and engaging life.

  • Seniors are lonely in retirement communities.

Isolation is very harmful to older adults, both physically and emotionally.  That’s why this is one of the most frustrating senior living misconceptions:  in an independent senior living community, you have endless opportunities to develop close social connections and friendships, so important for healthy aging. You can share your experiences with your peers and be as social as you choose.   

At The Gables of Brighton, we’d love to give you even more reasons why independent senior living offers you much more than you ever imagined!  Give us a call to learn more about independent senior living in Rochester, NY.