You’re at an exciting phase of life, filled with new opportunities, new friends, and new ways to pursue a whole new level of wellness. With May being Older Americans Month, it’s a great time to take a fresh look at how to get the most out of every day moving forward—and how independent living at a senior living community like The Gables of Brighton can help you in aging well.

Aging well:  keys to living healthier and happier

Socialize. Having friends and companions around is good for your physical health and a key ingredient for aging well. As we grow older, we can begin to lose people who have meant a lot to us and our social circle can dwindle. Choosing independent living in a senior living community gives you a built-in network of peers and possible friends. You can take a class with fellow residents, go on an outing, gather for lunch, or take a walk around the community—you’re never alone unless you choose to be.

Share your wisdom. Whether you built a business, raised a family, or traveled the world, you have wisdom and experience to share. In most senior living communities, you can find opportunities where you can share what you know with others. Mentoring nearby schoolchildren or college interns is another possibility, as many independent living settings encourage intergenerational programs. Just the act of volunteering helps promote aging well. Older volunteers report lower mortality rates, lower rates of depression, fewer physical limitations, and higher levels of well-being.

  • Keep learning. Learning new activities not only adds meaning and joy to your life but can also help to maintain brain health and prevent mental decline. Try learning a foreign language, a new musical instrument, or how to play bridge. The activities calendar at The Gables of Brighton independent living community is filled with interesting opportunities for gaining new knowledge.
  • Do things differently. Aging well is also about keeping your memory sharp. One way is to try something new each day. It could be as simple as writing your name with your less dominant hand or walking a different route to a park. Doing things differently can create new pathways in your brain, known as neuroplasticity, which can help enhance memory abilities. 
  • Laugh often. Really! Laughter is good for you no matter your age, and especially helpful for aging well. Laughter strengthens your immune system, boosts mood, diminishes pain, and protects you from the damaging effects of stress. And the more you surround yourself with people who make you laugh, the better you’re going to feel. In fact, along with exercise, staying social and being around people you enjoy can have the most impact on your health. 
  • Eat well. Good nutrition is so important for older adults. Calcium-rich foods build bone density to lower the risk of osteoporosis, prevent fractures and injury. Protein is especially important as senior muscles need that extra boost for strength and repair after activity. Try to eat fish two to three times a week and avoid sodium. Avoid eating foods high in fat and cholesterol and watch portion control.  
  • Worry less. Worry leads to stress. Stress leads to all kinds of health issues. Move to a senior living community and wave goodbye to a whole lot of worries! Let someone else take care of the housekeeping, maintenance, cooking, repairs, and everyday chores…instead, you sit back and enjoy life as never before, with vigor and peace of mind. Living life worry-free is what The Gables of Brighton independent living is all about. Aging well has never been easier!

Empowering our residents to thrive—that’s our goal at The Gables of Brighton.