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Senior Living

The Gables of Brighton is a senior living community centrally located in Rochester, New York, offering full-service Independent Living in a lovely setting close to a host of conveniences. Residents enjoy a warm, welcoming ambiance enhanced by the community’s intimate design, with common areas just steps from individual senior apartments. A full range of services and amenities are available along with important safety features.

The Gables of Brighton stands out among senior living communities as the outstanding choice for those who desire a carefree retirement lifestyle filled with fun, companionship and opportunities for lifelong learning. You are not locked into extended-duration leasing.

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Leadership & Core Values

Core values are what guide the way we live and work. The Gables of Brighton Leadership Team believes that each individual brings their own unique set of values to the team, which, in turn, help to shape the success of our community and the livelihood of our residents. By defining our core values, we shape who we are as a team and how we work together.

Stan Rychlicki

Maintenance Director

Core Values: Honesty, Hard Work, Diligence

Karen Hogan

Executive Director

Core Values: Kindness, Empathy, Patience

Katie Ksiadz

Senior Sales Director

Core Values: Love, Kindness, Humor

Bonita Vitale

Business Manager

Core Values: Honesty, Ethics, and Morality

Joan Bardossi

Executive Chef

Core Values: Kindness, Humor, and Love

Melinda LaPine

Director of Community Programs and Transportation

Core Values: Honesty, Kindness, Support

Michael Noble-Rosema


Core Values: Honesty, Integrity, Morality

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When our founders Paul and Lori Hogan began providing care for Paul’s grandmother to help her find a home that feels like a home, they envisioned a future where all people could age with greater hope and success.

The Gables of Brighton

2001 S. Clinton Ave.

Rochester, NY 14618